Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And Life Goes On......

...but not without changes. Our lives were forever changed with the death of Grandma Hauer. Little did we know how much. But here we are just two months later and making a major life change.

We are moving home to Michigan.

It's hard to put into words how I feel about this, because my feelings change by the hour. But there is just no looking back now. The moving truck will be here in just 3 short weeks.

Many stars aligned so perfectly that we could not look away. A plan and a path presented itself and while it took me much longer than some to realize it, I eventually came to a similar conclusion.......this was meant to be.

And so it will be.

Much work to be done here before we go, so this may be my last post for awhile.

I would love your prayers for safe travel, as well as encouragement as we face our new lives.

Next post from Michigan, where Grandma Hauer's house will be our new home. Thankfully it is summer. The weather will be just one issue that we will have to adjust to.

Signing off from Florida..........

PS.......Yes, we visited Kennedy Space Center last weekend. :-) One place I wanted Mailia to see before we leave.