Monday, December 17, 2007

Let it Snow!

What a difference a few latitude and longitude degrees can make. We took Mailia to play in real snow at our local Christmas in the Park. It was 85 degrees that day, and the line of kids waiting to make a snowball stretched across the park. For obvious reasons they had to limit the kids to 2 minutes each. It was melting FAST! But she loved all 2 of her minutes. LOL

Fast forward to this morning.........My sister sent me the above pictures, taken in her yard yesterday, in Michigan! It is truly a Winter Wonderland. Mailia will be doing some serious whining when she sees these. She wants to build a snowman soooooooooo badly.

And although we've told her otherwise, she is still hoping to have snow for Christmas, in Florida. I don't see that happening, but hey, there is magic in Christmas! LOL

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