Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!!

This poor kid's mom couldn't decide which dress she should wear for Easter.
So we played dress-up. LOL

Whatever you do today, hope your Easter is a blessed one!


jana said...

I absolutely LOVE her in yellow, but I gotta say, that pink outfit is tooooo cute! Very pretty in pink!

Have you gone back yet and seen what a fantastic little memory album you have here with your blog? I spent I don't know how long going back and reading mine the other day. I can't imagine 10 years from now!

Keep up the good work! Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

I saw a pic of Malia on CHI Waiting Kids (I think)...& I hought...I have to get over here! Pics of Beautiful Malia in a DRESS!!!
She is just the BEST! We are some of her biggest fans!

mom to Lindsi (from Fuzhou) & Jami