Monday, August 11, 2008

Turkeys & Chicken Hawks & Cranes

OH MY!!!

Wild turkeys wander thru our yard nearly every day now. I've counted as many as 13 at a time.

We have at least one chicken hawk around most days........sometimes as many as 3, all screeching at the same time!

And the cranes are ever present.

All of this while our 6 cats roam the property.

Bird-brains!!! LOL

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jana said...

haha do those sand hill cranes still peck on what used to be my front door? I guess with the tinting, they saw themselves in the glass, so they would peck at the glass.

That chicken hawk is so cool! Do they go after the turkeys?

I saw a hawk pick up a squirrel and carry it right in front of my car while I was driving the other day.

I am also trying to get pics of the burrowing owls that come out near the time I have to pick Suzi up from cheerleading!