Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moving to the North Pole

Desperate times call for desperate measures. We are in the former, and planning the latter.
Mailia's Dad was laid off his job (again) back in Nov. He got another job almost immediately, but it pays barely half of what he was paid at the prior job, and no benefits. We have tried to stay positive, but as you all know, jobs that pay well and offer health insurance, are rare to begin with, and hundreds, if not thousands, of people in our shoes, are all vying for that rare job. We have done all we know how to do, selling things on Craig's list, yard sales to sell the rest, and a moving sale in the works. We are hanging onto our house by a thread, while the phone rings off the wall with other banks wanting car payments and such. Each day seems to be more discouraging than the day before.
So we have started to make arrangements to move back to the North Pole (Michigan) where we will have a place to stay with family, and most of all, family to help us get back on our feet. It is very humbling, to say the least, to have to start over at this point in our lives. Losing everything we've worked for all these years is hard to swallow, but we know that we have each other. If a change isn't made soon, I worry that our relationships and even our health could be affected by all the grim scenarios that surround us. We don't want that for ourselves, and we can't have that for Mailia.
Not wishing to bring gloom and doom to all my friends out there, just a little heads up about what's going on in our world. With the internet, and this blog and email, I will never be far from my friends anywhere. Will just be closer to family.
I try not to think about sub-zero temps and blizzards and such, but know that that's the trade-off for the ungodly hot summers here in Florida. We will adjust.
We have no set date yet. If we can hang on a little longer, M. and I plan to pack as much as we can into a U-haul and head north when school is out in June. Dad will stay here for awhile and try to sell the house. If a job becomes available in MI for either of us, we would have to go much sooner.
I've heard that the way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans. :-) So He may be chuckling right now as I write this. But whatever happens, we will do what we have to do.
I'll update the blog if/when there are any new developments. For now, we are enjoying our warm weekend and lots of sunshine. :-)
Mailia's Mom


Jana said...

Home is wherever the 3 of you plus the rest of your babies are! Our lives are a journey, which I'm sure you well know. Sometimes it's hard to see the "why" as something's happening, but once you get through it, you have the hindsight. Thank goodness for the blog! And thank goodness I am not still next door. I would be heartbroken!! I bet your family is ecstatic at the thought of having your nearby!! What part of Michigan?

Sheila said...

Believe it or not, the sun does shine up here! :D (Yes, it may be 18 below zero, but it does shine!)
Love You, Man!

Rita said...

I just made a similar move over the Christmas holidays. You will survive! Life is so much better without the stress and worry. Good luck and God speed. Rita

Cynthia said...

Wherever you go, we will still be near. When you have a blizzard, I will tell you about the freezing 50, and when it is 110, will you PLEASE tell me how mild it is!

You know that distance is never a factor with friends.
Love to all

Tracy Harper said...

Read this post yesterday and wanted to cry. I know that M and Lily will stay in touch, but knowing that you were so close by was a comfort. Fu Sisters Fu Ever.
Love ya!