Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What will you do with your $8.00?

And other things that keep me up at night, and make me go "hmmmm". Not intending to become too political on Mailia's blog, but then every child in this country is, and will be, affected by the policies of today.
While the president and his sidekicks toss around billions and trillions as if they were wooden nickels, they tossed us poor folks a bone by cutting our income taxes by $8 a week. Thank you Mr. President, you really are our 'saviour'! Of course this will only apply if you have said income to begin with.
Meanwhile, (while raking in that $32 a month), utilities are going up, tolls are going up, once tax free items are no longer tax free, school budgets are cut, schools are closing and combining, class size is going up, sports, music, art, etc. are all being cut, teachers being laid off. Not to mention, homes that have been lost, credit histories destroyed, life savings 'stolen' by the rich and greedy.....I could go on for pages, but won't. You get the picture.
We will survive, because that's what we as a people do, regardless of who's in charge.
But it WON'T be because our president 'gave' us $8 a week. Is this the 'change we can believe in'????? A handful of 'change'?????

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Jana said...

I won't get started on this subject either.....although I COULD :)