Friday, July 17, 2009

Now this is CREEPY!

Stepped outside the back door tonight to take a picture of our pond that reappears after our summer rains.
Nearly stepped on this perfectly intact snake skin. He (or she) had to have JUST slithered out of it, as I had been out there maybe an hr. earlier to bring a cat in. Took all the courage/guts whatever I had to pick it up, but felt like I had to measure him.
lol Darrell says it's a black racer or a king snake. Either way, it's from a snake that is harmless, unless you're a lizard or a frog or some such.
Still gives me the willys though, just looking at the pictures. He measured 51" long. M. would have screamed and had nightmares and and then vowed to never to go outdoors again...........but I didn't let her know I found it. I'm thinking of sending it to a nephew that I know would think it's the coolest thing ever. LOL


Jana said...

Haha I can send you a rattlesnake skin to send too. Remember my blog where we saw the rattler? I took a skin home to the kids. They thought I was weird! haha

Debby said... I know the black snakes are harmless & actually good for the environment, but I'd rather not see them...or their

How nice of the snake to disrobe out of your site.

Terynn said...

That is disgusting! ugh (shudder)

Cynthia said...

If you collect about 100 more of these, you could have a cool snake skin purse :)