Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just practice

This is what 'my little girl' chose to be for Halloween this year....Cap't Jack Sparrow. (sigh)
We started searching for the costume early, fortunately, since it was hard to find her size. But we finally found one and she loves trying it on and practicing her "ahoy maties". :-)

She joined the running club again this year. First meet was yesterday morning. And then she was called out of class later and awarded "student of the month". She brought home a progress report yesterday and once again it was all A's and B's.

Yeah, she's our tomboy....but we are so proud of her!


Jana said...

She's definitely the cutest Jack Sparrow I've ever seen!!

Cynthia said...

You would never know that was Mailia-great disguise. Maybe you can pull her hair up with ribbons under the hat LOL.

Great news on the report card and running.

Anonymous said...

I have a tomboy too(or tomgirl as my daughter likes to say)! Wouldn't trade her for the world! Sometimes I do wish she would let me put her hair up to highlight her beautiful face, but that will never happen! Too girly!

Anonymous said...

oops, forgot to sign my name...Deb Harrop
mommy to Marie 9, Gaoming
and to Ross 8 1/2, ZhuZhou