Sunday, November 15, 2009

Her First 5K

When she first brought home the registration form for this 5K, I initially said "Oh Mailia, I don't think so". My concern was that she wouldn't be able to finish. She, of course, was sure she could. So I told her I would talk to her coach and see what he thought.
He convinced me that she could do it. He said that she wouldn't finish near the front, but she wouldn't be in the back either. He thought she would probably finish around the 35 minute area.
I don't know what "place" she finished, but she finished with a 29:39. Her coach was stunned! There were over 1500 people running this morning and she finished somewhere in the top 1/3.
We are soooo proud of her, her coach is proud, and I think she was pretty proud of herself.

Pictures are before the run, during the run, and then after with her very pleased coach.


Debby said...

That is so SUPER!!!!!

Way to go Mailia!!!

Jana said...

I'm proud too! WOOO HOOO Way to go!!!

SHEILA said...

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's SUPER GIRL!!! Way to go, Mailia...Aunt Sheila Loves You!!! :o)

Leslie said...

Great job Mailia! Way to go!