Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Continues

Let me get my complainin' outta the way first.......It is SO FREAKIN' HOT!!! Window air conditioners can only do so much. And it's not cutting it. Feels just like Florida summers, but at least there we stayed indoors in the a/c and didn't notice the heat so much. I am SO looking forward to fall, although dreading what comes after :-/

I have so much I'd like to do in this 'new' house, but way too hot to attempt anything right now. Darrell, however, has spent most of the last week in our flooded basement. We had some heavy rains over the past few days and at it's worst we had 4" of standing water in the basement. There is no sump pump down there and not even a drain. Darrell bought a pump, then he and Mailia spent hrs. and hrs. down there trying to suck up what they could with the shop-vacs. Darrell has found a couple of leak sources and repaired them. So hoping there aren't more.

Took Mailia to check out her new school this week. She liked it all except the uniform policy. It is much, much stricter than her school in Kissimmee. But overall she came away with a good feeling and we immediately headed out to start shopping for school supplies. She's excited about going back to school now, but school here doesn't start until Sept. 7th. About 3 weeks later than Florida.

We spent another day last weekend on the water with my sister and brother-in-law. Applied sunscreen liberally! We finally got our own boat running and hope to get it in the water maybe tomorrow. After all the work on the basement this week, Darrell wanted a down today was it.

We took Mailia to our local drive-in movie theater last night. She thought that was the coolest thing ever! We took our own popcorn and stopped at the local rootbeer stand for a gallon of the good stuff. We saw Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me and Mailia laughed through both of them. She can't wait til we go again.

It's not Daytona (not even close) but Michigan Int'l Speedway is only about 40 min. away from us. So guess where we'll be on Aug. 15th? :-)

Will try to post an assortment of pictures. We had 2 fawns in the backyard this evening and I was able to get some pretty good pictures of them before Mailia opened and slammed the backdoor. :-/

Mailia is fascinated by the Amish, as we see them in stores and on the roads. I took a picture of one of their horse and buggies parked next to us at the boat launch site last weekend. None of them were in the water, so I guess they just came down to watch the boats.

And my newest niece was born this past Mon. Dannica Lynn arrived weighing 10# 2 oz.!!!


Jana said...

I so enjoyed the pics! Your niece doesn't look like a newborn :) I'm sure Mailia will end up loving school. The deer pics were AWESOME. I am glad you are going to get to go to a race!! Thanks for the update!

SHEILA said...

Love, LOVE the pics! It looks like you could just about pet those deer, they're so close! Yeah, sorry 'bout the no a/c and the tons of rain/water in the basement, but you gotta take the bad with the good....and think about it, you got me! :o) Love you, man!!

SHEILA said...

And yes, baby Dannica is precious!!

Jana said...

Has school started yet? Looking for updates :) Hope you're all doing good!