Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Can't believe it's been nearly 4 months since I updated this blog.  SO much has happened in the world since Feb....horrible earthquakes (Japan), floods in the south and a week of violent and deadly tornadoes in our southern and plains states.  The destruction and the suffering by the survivors is incomprehensible.  The one bright spot is the demise of Osama bin Laden....FINALLY!
Nearly 10 years he remained free to roam this earth after ordering the 9-11 attacks. 

Our little corner of the world has seen changes as well, just not as dramatic as those above.  To our great relief, Mailia's Dad and I both have jobs now.  D is working part-time for Home Depot and I am working at a farm/trucking company...quite the change from my previous offices.  Neither job pays well, but we are fortunate and thankful for both.

Winter finally gave way to Spring.  Very few days of sunshine, and tons of rain throughout March, April and May, but on the days that it was nice.......the area literally exploded with Spring color.  Haven't seen the magnificence of Spring in many years....the greening of the trees and lawns, the daffodils and tulips and lilacs, and the smell of fresh mown grass.  Even the sound of the lawnmower was heavenly.   Summer is just around the corner...we made it through our first Michigan winter.  There were days that I didn't think we (actually I) would.  

We had a horrible ice storm in Feb. that left us without power (lights, heat, water) for four days.  We hung blankets over windows and doorways and 'camped' in the living room, thanks to our generator, space heaters and melted snow.  It was humbling, to say the least, to buckle to Mother Nature. 

Mailia turned 11 years old in March.  We didn't have money for a party, but promises were made for something special this summer.  She takes everything in stride and knows that our financial situation was poor. 

Basketball season finally ended and we are now a month into softball.  She made the honor roll every semester this year and we are amazingly proud of her.  She still has another week of school left, but I've been assured that she will make the honor roll this time too.  Not to mention, she never missed a day again this year. 

My sister (Sheila) and I have been to two different Bob Seger concerts this spring.  We absolutely LOVE Bob Seger....always have.  Will never tire of his music and neither will many, many others, as evident by his sold out performances.  It's an awesome feeling to be in the midst of that many people who know and sing every word to every song. 

On the sad side of things, our 10 yr. old Siberian Husky, Maya, was diagnosed with mammory cancer a couple of weeks ago.  It has spread to her lungs and although she is doing fine at the moment, we know that very soon she will struggle to breathe and we will have to make that saddest of decisions for her.  We are heartbroken.  She at least got to experience one winter, and for this I'm thankful.  She loved the snow and the cold. 

For the most part, I have adjusted to our new life in Michigan.  I will forever miss certain things about Florida, sunshine being number one.  But I've re-discovered the beauty that only Michigan can provide, not the least of which is family.  Hard to believe we've been here nearly a year already. 

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Cynthia said...

Glad to hear that the warmth has reached you finally! Sorry to hear about your furbaby~always sad. Way to go Mailia! Glad to hear about the jobs too. Hand in there and soak up that sun and store it for a winter day.