Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tripper Treat !!!

Smell my know the rest. LOL. I have tried unsuccessfully to convince her that it is pronounced 'trick' or treat. So Tripper Treat it is. And she cracks herself up every time she sings the "smell my feet" part. The first time I said it for her she said "gwose mom, that's skusting", but now it's hilarious. LOL.

Spidey is worn out now and is in bed fast asleep, probably dreaming of candy! This was her first time at 'tripper treating'. This time last year we were in China and had known each other for just two days. Probably just as well, since had she been here for Halloween last year, I had a Tinker Bell costume all picked out at Target, and there is no way on God's green earth that I would have gotten her to wear it. LOL.

Happy Halloween! Here's some pics of Spidey and her loot!

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Mary Beth said...

When Liann looked at your pictures, she said, "Ahh, she is so grown up!"
Maybe she has heard that somewhere! And she likes Mailia's hair grown out longer.
Mary Beth