Friday, November 2, 2007

She Made the Honor Roll !!!

Wow, I wasn't expecting that. She brought home her first report card yesterday. She got 3 B's and 2 A's. Then today she brings home an Honor Roll certificate. Not bad for a kid who hasn't even been in this country for a year yet. We're extremely proud of her, can you tell? LOL

Oh and btw, now she wants to learn to play Ice Hockey..........................(sigh)


. said...
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Leslie said...

Congratulations Mailia! Getting on the honor roll is great! Keep up the great work.

Mary Beth said...

Good work, Mailia! I'm not at all surprised! Those Fu girls are all so intelligent! I'm proud of you!
Mary Beth

Kooky said...

OH wow, GO MAILIA! Already on the honor roll! Way to go! Awesome!

Shirley? Ice Hockey isn't so bad. You just have a little tomboy for the moment. That may change sooner than you think! ;o)

Awesome job you are doing with her! Not even a year?!? WHOA!!!!