Monday, April 28, 2008

The Letter

The letter and photo from PoPo and YeYe arrived today! The letter was written March 9th, the photo looks to have been taken maybe 2005, although there is no date. But M. looks to be around 5.

We had the letter translated and here is a shortened version:

"Our sweet Miao Li.....after you left it was so hard for us to face that. PoPo and YeYe miss you all day long always and dream about you at night. Till today we still miss you so badly."

"When the Chinese girl who lives in the States visited us today, she showed us three pictures of you Miao Li. You have changed so much and are such a big girl now. At first we didn't recognize you when we saw the pictures, til she told us your name, then we looked at the pictures careful again. We can't believe that was really you! We are really so excited, but cannot find any more words now. We are very sad and miss you. We wish you and your whole family happiness and health."

I admit I cried a little. M. however is wired and bouncing around the house with the picture and thinking of all the things she wants to tell PoPo and YeYe in another letter. :-)

Our girl is happy, and we are extremely happy to have this link to her past. I so hope that someday we will be able to go back to China and visit her beloved PoPo and YeYe.


Jana said...

They probably didn't recognize that eternal beaming smile that's been on her face since she got to her new home!

I was looking at old pictures the other day and noticed that the smile she beams now is not the same smile she had in photos when she was in China.

She's such a beautiful girl, and her personality jumps right out of her pictures!

I'm glad she has this piece of her life puzzle. If you go back to China to visit, will you take me with you?? haha

Anonymous said...

How sweet. I know most of those foster parents love these kids... I am happy they were able to receive news. Dani says hi. Hope you have a great summer.

Misty and cres

Suzanne said...

I haven't checked your blog in awhile. Such big news, a letter from foster parents. I'm so excited for you. The letter made me cry, it is so sweet. They obviously love her so much, and really miss her. M. is looking so beautiful and so grown up! Suzanne Jacques (Shelby's mom/Fu Xingrui)