Monday, April 21, 2008

We are Thrilled!!!

Today I received an email from a woman I "met" online through a yahoo group for families who have adopted from M's orphanage. She was in China last month searching for foster families, and she was able to meet and photograph M's "PoPo and YeYe" (foster parents). The email contained two of these photos that I've posted here!
She also has a letter for M. which we will need to get translated, as well as a picture of M. with her foster mom. She promises to mail these out tomorrow.
M. has been beaming ever since we got the pictures. I printed them out for her and she is putting them in frames as we speak. What a wonderful gift we received today, from the other side of the world!
Here are PoPo and YeYe, along with their extended family that includes a son and daughter-in-law and 3 foster kids.


Anonymous said...

Sara recognized Yeye immediately and said that he came often. She did not recognize Popo. She was also pleased to see their picture.


jana said...

What a wonderful gift. I am so glad you all are still able to cherish all the memories of her life.

Sharon said...

What an incredible gift! I'm so glad Mailia has contact with her foster family. I know how much she loves them!


Karen said...

WOW! That is awesome! What a gift to cherish. Now that we have contact with Q's Foster Family, it has made a world of difference. She makes it very clear she doesn't want to return to China, but just beems with pride when we get pics and letters from China as she still misses them very much. I am so happy you guys finally made the connection too!
Love and Hugs,
KL and Q