Friday, June 27, 2008

A Chuckle

She is aware that moms have 'eyes in the back of their heads'. I've proven it many times. She is unaware however, that her stealth abilities are seriously lacking. Not quite the bull in the china shop, but close. So like any good mom, I play along and pretend to be startled when she tries to sneak up behind me and yell "boo". Apparently my play-acting is not cutting it anymore. She seems to have caught on to my feigned 'gasps of surprise'. But, always the thinker, she has a plan............."Mom, could you close your back eyes for a while so I can really scare you?"

Btw, yes, she is STILL into Spidey. (heavy sigh)


jana said...

Two years from now, you might not have remembered her saying that....but with the help of your blog, it will always be a memory you can read back and remember! It hasn't quite been a year for me yet, but I still find myself saying, Oh, yeah! I forgot about that! Best journal I ever had!!

I'm so glad I get to read yours!

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I love it.."back eyes"...

I am thrilled to hear about the new job, I know that is a huge relief for you.

Take care,
Misty and Dani