Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fu Friends!

What a fun day we had today! We finally met up with another of Mailia's Fu Sisters from China. Lily has been home just a little over a year now. The girls have been talking on the phone recently and now that school is out we made plans to get them together. They hadn't seen each other since Mailia left the orphanage in late Oct. '06.
The best part is that we only live about 40 min. from each other, so we're hoping that maybe we can get together more often now and the girls were already planning sleep-overs before we said good-bye today. LOL. They're just a year apart in age, Mailia being 8 and Lily 7. Fu Friends and Fu Sisters together again! How sweet is that?
Here's a picture of the girls while still in China, and then a couple from today. Do they look happy?!?!?!? :-)

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jana said...

Too cute! I am so glad you live that close. What an awesome way to remember all their memories and make more!