Wednesday, September 3, 2008

While visiting a local Pioneer House......

we were shown the "laundry room". Complete with the large vats for heating the water and lye soap, and then (seen in this picture) the tub and washboard.
Before our guide could even begin to explain the "laundry room", my child says..........
"Hey Mom! That's how me and PoPo washed clothes!" She was beaming from the familiarity of it all, and proud as punch to boot.
For me, it was one of those amazing moments when I realized how much I don't know about my child, and how much I will never know.

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jana said...

I was just bragging about y'all today. I am trying to sell a house to a lady who recently was in Beijing. So I always have to mention my fabulous friends who traveled overseas to bring their daughter home!!

Is it 2 years now? WOW