Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fu Sisters Fu-Ever!

I cannot let this day, our Gotcha Day, pass without sharing another story. Through the amazing power of the internet and (IMO) divine intervention, we share our Gotcha Day with another family......Sara's family. I 'met' Sara's mom-to-be through an adoption yahoo group, a Fuzhou adoption group to be specific. Another family traveling to get their daughter had captured photos of our soon-to-be daughters together at the orphanage. We became cyber-friends immediately, having so many chats about those amazing pictures and how our 'daughters' were friends a world away. But then, the divine intervention part...........we both got our notices allowing us to travel to China at the same time! We would not be traveling together, but we would be in-country at the same time. We made plans to try to find each other once there. As it turned out, we 'accidentally' bumped into each other while our girls were getting their medical evaluations! "Accident"??????? I don't think so.
We have since maintained our friendship although we have many, many miles between us. We have met with Sara and her family several times these past two years, and I treasure these times. We are sooooo extremely blessed to have this bond and for Mailia and Sara to remain Fu Sisters and friends forever.
So, congratulations to Sara and her family on their 2 year Gotcha Day!
I'm posting some photos of our girls............while living at the orphanage, after we found each other in China, and home in the USA.


Sheila said...

OMG, those poor little rag-muffins! Thank God for the whole adoption process. How sad to think of the less fortunate ones who never find "home".....Fu Sisters Fu-ever!
Aunt Sheila ;o)

Anonymous said...

Since I was that 'other family' that took the pictures :) It warms my heart to no end to see their smiles!!!!!! Gina