Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Johnny Pumpkinseed

Our family and our extended families have been experiencing some of life's most difficult realities, making it tough to find things to blog about. But I wanted to share this picture of M. and her pumpkin project for school. Each child was to choose a character from a fairy tale, or a tall tale, then create a costume for a pumpkin and write a story about him/her. They had been learning about Johnny Appleseed recently, so she decided that "Johnny Pumpkinseed" would be perfect! As it turns out, I think she was right! We worked hard and he turned out so cute! Looks like an "A" to me. :-)


Jana said...

Too cute!

I hope you get through your rough patch soon and everything works out. I'm missing your blogs!

Anonymous said...

Mailia? I'd give you A! Looks great to me!

GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!


Debby said...

Hey! I LOVE that idea.....

Thanks for sharing. I'd give her (you both) an A+++


Cynthia said...

This is just so very cute and creative. I am surprised that there is no racing car hidden somewhere.

The girls say HI!

Sharon said...

That is just too cute! HOW CREATIVE!!!

Great job!!!