Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The photo op

This is the most cruel, insensitive, unfathomable decision, to-date, to come from the Obama administration. Flying a jumbo jet over Manhattan to photograph Air Force One. And it's only been 100 days of this administration. Can you imagine the next 1300+?!

"The White House issued an apology"

Really? No harm, no foul?
Someone needs to be waterboarded!

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Debby said...

Well, while I AM on your side, I don't think Obama himself had any idea this was happening. The FAA notified NY police, but put it on classified memo paper, which caused them not to notify the public. Even the mayor's office was given advance warning, but the person who got the message did not TELL Mayor Bloomberg, all according to the reports I read this morning.

I personally think it was a routine comedy of errors, which in hindsight appeared very insensitive to the people of that area.