Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Break Was Exhausting

At least it was for Mailia. Two sets of cousins/aunts and uncles kept her busy the entire week. We are so fortunate to live where out of state family likes to vacation. :-)
After Gatorland, the beach and Sea World the first part of the week, she spent 3 days on the beach in Daytona. Then home to color Easter eggs and play some more with cousins.
She went to school on Monday, but came home not feeling well. Woke up Tues with a temp of 102.2 So off to the dr. we went for antibiotics. But, enroute to the dr. we got rear-ended in traffic. No one hurt, no major damage to our vehicle, just an annoying delay that made us an hr. late for the drs. appt. She's home again today and resting. Hoping she's feeling better tomorrow as we are scheduled to fly to Chicago for my nephew's wedding.


Debby said...

Glad you are OK....

Hope Mailia feels well soon! At least in time to get on the plane!!

Jana said...

Fun times!

Feel better, little one!