Tuesday, February 23, 2010

#48 wins race #48

There's a lot of talk these days about folks being tired of watching Jimmie win.
That's not an issue at our house (lol) but I can understand some of the critics.

However, after reading some of the commenting on Nascar.com I believe the critics should understand that Jimmie is only doing what he's supposed to be doing.....winning races.

He doesn't cheat...his car passes inspection every week. He gets lucky sometimes (like this past weekend) but he's the first to say so. Luck is a HUGE part of the sport. And winning is not his fault (it's not a fault at all) but it IS the fault of the other cars, drivers and teams. They can all change the outcomes of these races, if they work hard enough, employ the right people, and luck falls their way.
So don't hate Jimmie because he's beautiful, oops I mean a winner. Acknowledge that for the moment (actually the last 4 years) he has the best team, the best car and the best of luck.

(and yes, he's gorgeous too) lol

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Debby said...

I remember getting tired of Jeff Gordon winning, but can honestly state that I always think Jimmy is deserving of his wins. Although, as an old timer, I was (sort of) hoping Jeff Burton was going to pull it off....=)