Tuesday, May 20, 2008

China Earthquake Update 5/20

Dear Friends,
As I delay writing this report a bit longer each day, I realize that, like
so many, I find it harder and harder to read or write those grim
statistics or tell the sad stories. We wish we could be done with this
death and disaster and start to move on. But still the numbers come.
There are 34,073 people confirmed dead, 245,108 injured, still more than
35,000 still missing.
Yesterday, after those three silent minutes in Sichuan, people began to
call out, “Rebuild! Rebuild!” Today, when I was feeling I couldn’t open
another casualty report, I read instead a report about new babies born
during and right after the quake. They have names like ‘Li Zhen’
(Earthquake) and ‘Born in a Tent’ and ‘Long March.’ They, like all the
survivors, will carry these terrible days with them always. But their
lives are just beginning. For them and for all of the children who
survived, Sichuan will begin to rebuild.
As hope of finding more survivors fades, we find hope in each bit of good
news –

with love,
Jenny Bowen
Executive Director
Half the Sky Foundation

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