Saturday, May 24, 2008

Life goes on........

Such devastation, tragedy and sadness this past month or so. The cyclones and earthquakes, tornadoes, floods and fires and then the tragic loss of a precious little girl that most of us never knew, but yet felt so close to. The rising price of gas, actually the rising price of everything, compounded by the fact that my husband who was laid off from his job back in Nov., still has not been able to find work. Tough times are everywhere these days and it's sometimes hard to find a reason to smile.
But as we all know, life does go on. We will pick up the pieces, we will sacrifice where needed, and we will smile again.
Mailia makes me smile everyday. She can annoy the you know what outta me sometimes, but she can also make me smile. Her daddy has been out of state for the past ten days working for some side money. She has missed him sooooo much. I heard her tell him on the phone the other night that "it's no fun when you're not here". My first thought was "hey, am I chopped liver?" but I knew what she really meant in her heart. It's just not the same when we're apart. We're a family and families need to be together. Daddy will be home tomorrow and she can barely contain her excitement. She has about a million things to tell him, she says. And I'm sure he can hardly wait to hear them all. LOL
Wishing you all a safe and happy Memorial weekend. Please find time to remember the reason for the holiday, and then spend some quality time with your family.

Oh yeah, the picture...........Mailia with her PoPo and YeYe. She is so happy to "see" them again. She told me several months ago that she almost forgot what they looked like. We're so happy to have this connection with them now. We have sent another letter and more pictures and hope to hear back from them in a couple of months or so. Btw, Mailia had just eaten a blue fruit roll-up before I snapped this picture, thus the blue teeth. LOL

Have a great weekend!

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