Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Mom, are there bathrooms in heaven?"

"what about candy? Is there candy in heaven?"

"Mom, when babies grow bigger do their brain grow bigger too?"

"Mom, are we 'post to poo' everyday?"

"Mom, are the cats and dogs my brothers and sisters?"
Life is now a constant game of twenty questions! LOL She is always thinking and asking questions. I sometimes wonder if her brain even rests at night. Most mornings if she doesn't have a question first thing, she is telling me about her dreams. I need to check out the library and the bookstores for books that she can read that can answer all those questions she hasn't thought of yet. If anyone reading this has book suggestions, we would appreciate it. LOL I just know there's going to be questions that I can't answer, like 'why is the sky blue'.

Only one week of school left and it's basically party week. No homework to worry about. Her class is having an ice cream party on Mon., another student's b-day on Tues., and a picnic outside on Thurs. Report cards come out on Fri. and then she's done. She is so looking forward to summer. Me.............not so much. :-) We are surprising her with a trip to Sea World probably one day the following week. Her "Gwamma" H. sent money for 3 tickets to celebrate her year-long A-B Honor Roll. She's never been to Sea World and is going to love it!

Oh, and about the cats and dogs being her brothers and sisters???? I think we've got that straightened out. LOL. I have always called them my 'other kids' or my fur babies, so you can understand the confusion. (wink, wink)


jana said...

I have a universal answer for you that works.....

The sky is blue so little girls like you will ask questions :)

Congratulations on that honor roll! Good job!

Have fun at Sea World!

Anonymous said...


I love how M's mind works. Have a great time at Sea World. I would love to take the kids there also. Maybe after Delaney comes home (military and dependents get in free).

Susan and Kate
Tampa, FL

Debby said...

Shirley...Make sure you tell them at the ticket counter that you want the FL residents Come For a Day...Come For the Year ticket...then you can enjoy Sea World all year long. It should not cost anymore, but it is printed differently.

Congrats to Malia!!

mom to Lindsi & Jami

Anonymous said...

I know this is months after you asked about it but hey, you know me! When I was a child my Mother got tired of those questions as well and I got the "Snoopy Facts and Fun Book" I was trying to locate my copy but no luck I must have lost in the last 18 years or! It is a great book filled with random info...I believe it's published by Random House and they even have it for specific topics now. _Love ya_Audra