Saturday, May 30, 2009

3rd place finish

She got a 3rd place finish in her school's "Olympic Mile" run this week. I love that the top three are girls! lol She was thrilled that she got 3rd because 'those other girls are FAST'. lol We've been invited to Sports Awards night this coming Tues., where rumor has it she'll be receiving a trophy. She has quite a few ribbons for running, but has never gotten a trophy. She is going to be on top of the world! She also received a stopwatch after the Olympic Mile, which has been her constant companion. We now know that it takes 6.45 minutes to get home from school and 9.3 minutes from Publix to home when it's raining, along with times for many various other things like cleaning her room, skating down the driveway, etc. Stuff we all like to know. LOL


Cynthia and girls said...

This is wonderful. We are also very proud of Mailia!!!!

Debby said...

Yea Mailia!!!!

Shirley, I saw your comment. Unfortunately, yesterday, Kayla took a turn for the worse. She coded twice, is now having seizres, & where she was responsive to voice commands, she isn't right now. The DR are now "guarded" in their expectations for a full recovery....=(

jana said...

CONGRATULATIONS! That's awesome!

I showed everybody your flood pics!! That was a heck of a lot of rain. Mom and dad are coming out next week for He-man's graduation. I told them to leave the rain there :)