Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's Girl Scout weekend at the Nick Hotel

She's on her way to a wet and wild weekend at the Nickelodeon Resort with the Brownies. All paid for with proceeds from GS cookies. She is sooo excited! A sure to be fun time of swimming, water slides, Sponge-Bob and green slime. Who wouldn't be excited?!?!?
I'm so glad she got in with a very active troop.
She wanted me to put pictures of her badges on here. She's very proud of them, and rightfully so.


Debby said...

She is just becoming more beautiful everyday. I know she will LOVE The Nick Hotel.
Happy Mother's Day to you Shirley!!

Cynthia said...

Super cool badges-way to go Mailia. Nick Hotel sounds like a lot of fun, less the slime-YUCK!

Enjoy your quiet weekend.