Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mailia's "Jimmie"

Once again "her Jimmie" is on his way to the Championship. And just like the past 3 years, he is on top of the leader board. We all have our favorite drivers, and fortunately they all drive for the same team......Hendrick Motorsports, so if our own favorite is not faring well in a particular race, we ALL cheer for Jimmie. Jimmie Johnson #48. Mailia LOVES Jimmie and the 48 car. She doesn't sit and watch an entire race, but will check in periodically to see where the 48 is. When the closing laps are near she stands in front of the tv and screams and cheers him to victory. And it works most of the time. :-)
Nascar fans around the country have been complaining that the racing has become 'boring' because Jimmie wins all the time. No such complaining in this house! Five races down and just five more to go..........will Jimmie win his 4th consecutive Championship? At least one of us hopes so. LOL

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It's a secret. But we'll be in town Dec 2-6. Can't wait to see you!!