Monday, January 14, 2008

Proof Positive!

The design works! This one hangs in her Aunt Sheila's window in Michigan. Bon appetit birdies!


Jet Backholm said...

What an amazing little girl. Our 4 yr old, Jia Tai, is from Fuzhou too. Will she build one and sell it to us? Jia Tai would love an original from a "countryman".

JetBackholm (from CHI site)

Anonymous said...

Mailia, I am lookimg forward to one of these here in Ohio. Haley, Maddie and Ethan already enjoyed looking at how you made it... they said you need to teach them (well actually the girls said that- Ethan's reaction was "WOW, Look a bird!"- proof it works perfectly. Well I have read and enjoyed every entry since Mom started this. The computer is a great thing... keep posting your daily adventures and your cousins will stay tuned in. I have loved meeting you and can't wait to visit again.