Wednesday, January 2, 2008


It's been 2 days and I'm still blown away by this flag.

A friend of mine (fellow China adoptive mom), Susan, has a daughter (Delaney) serving in Iraq. Delaney has 2 young children that Susan is caring for while their mom is gone. I knew they wouldn't be able to be together this Christmas and this weighed heavily on my heart and mind. I don't know Delaney, I've never met her, but it didn't matter. A young mom and her two little kids were separated by thousands of miles. Sad at any time of the year, but even more so at Christmas.

My husband was laid off from his job in early Nov. We immediately knew that we would need to cut way back on all spending, but especially Christmas. We decided that, other than making sure Santa came for Mailia, we would spend very little. But I couldn't stop thinking of Delaney, half a world away, without her kids. So I talked to my husband and we decided to send a "care package" to Iraq.

I took my mom with me and we went to Wally World and starting tossing everything we could think of into that cart............cookies, candy, personal items, puzzle books, etc. We then got it all boxed up and made it to the post office before the cut off date for int'l. packages. I said a prayer that it would really arrive in time for Christmas.

Well, to make a long story short, it did indeed arrive in time. Susan let me know a few days before Christmas that it had made it! YAY!!!!

Two days ago, on New Year's Eve day, this flag arrived in the mail.........FROM IRAQ!!! The flag of the Screaming Eagles Air Assault Unit of the 101st Airborne!!!
It was signed by Delaney and about 25 more of our American soldiers stationed with her.

I was awestruck and speechless. I'm STILL awestruck, although no longer speechless. LOL. Folks, these men and women wrote to thank us for remembering them and supporting them. They are THANKING us!!! I get choked up and tears in my eyes just writing that.

Please, when you're reading this, say a prayer for our soldiers all over the world. And if you get the chance, let them know that yes, we think about them, and YES we support them. But mostly, we THANK them! WE THANK THEM!!!

God Bless our Troops!


Sharon said...

You have such a huge heart! What a wonderful thing you did....and I am so glad that you rec'd that flag. It just reaffirms my belief that our soldiers NEED us to be there for them. Afterall, they are THERE for us.

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...


Cool.....even through tears, cause I get like you do.....SO COOL! And YES, Delaney, you guys are NEVER forgotten, so don't even think it!!!

What they are doing will make such a difference in the future! We may not see it now, but it will. Cool you sent a care package. *pssst, next time ask a couple of us and we'll help you defray some cost for the goods, or help you get stuff!*


Oh yeah, good point Sharon, HAPPY NEW YEAR!