Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ta Da!

This is about as close as she gets to looking 'girlie'. We have a deal now that she gets to pick her clothes on PE days (with mom's approval of course) and I get to pick on non-PE days (as long as it's not a dress). It's working out ok for now.

Her hair is finally long enough for a pony tail so she wears it that way quite often now. It makes her look so different and so grown up. I'm not so sure I'm happy about that.

She brought home another all A&B report card yesterday, so last night she and her daddy had a 'date night'. Her school was showing "Ratatouille" for their free move night, so she and daddy had a night out. Mommy stayed home for a couple of hrs. of much needed quiet, alone time. LOL. A good time was had by all!


Cynthia said...

She does look so grown up, and beautiful! Just imagine her in about 10 years getting ready for a dance...scary!

Anonymous said...

Wow, she does look so different with her hair pulled up. We defiantely need to get up soon or I won't recognize her anymore.

Susan and Kate

Kooky said...

She does look grown up! Way to go Mailia! GREAT report card!

Mom? It's always nice to have a moment alone, let alone HOURS! hehehehhehe.....*s*